Throughout life we are told ‘listen to your heart, it always knows the answer’.  This is something I’ve taken to heart throughout my own life, pun intended.  Looking back, hindsight is always 20/20.  Reflection clearly shows the moments when my heart has been quietly whispering along the way, trying to send me messages.  But when I’m not in the reflection yet, and choices have not been made, it can be incredibly confusing, feeling as if I can’t differentiate my gentle heart from my loud and anxious mind.  

It seems I am the student and the teacher all at once.  I am most definitely the student when in the place of indecision.  Yet, it is my experience through the indecision that I learn the wisdom so that when I find myself at a crossroads again, I will be the one to pull the wisdom I’ve gained, and navigate myself through.  

In the role of the student, it can be so easy to forget the wisdom and tools of how we’ve made it through every time before this one.  The energy around making a choice can be big enough to block out the wisdom that our subtle heart is trying to remind us of.  We become resistant with the pressure and stress of not knowing how to move forward.  The more resistance we feel, the harder it is to know the best way to navigate through.  

The opposite of resistance is surrender.  It is always here where we find the clues and answers we need.  No matter the choice we face or the circumstances around it, the key in each choice is to find that sweet spot of surrender.  

I give myself the same advice I offer you, the next time we find our minds riddled with indecision, all we need to remember is to lean into the sweetness of surrender, and we will discover everything we need to know.