Before this yoga teacher training started, I felt anticipation around the amount of work and time it would add to my already very full schedule. I was also unsure if embarking on this adventure would lead to me using my new skills by way of teaching or simply applying it to deepen my own practice.

I did know, however, that the part of me that kept tapping my shoulder, encouraging me to be in the training at all, was something I needed to listen to. I simply needed to remove the expectation that I would know before the training started how I would feel and what I would want at the end of it.

Half way through our training, the end felt forever away and the amount of work still left to do felt nothing short of overwhelming. We are now a few days shy of completing our ten week training and it feels incredibly surreal at how quickly it passed.

Even with everything we’ve learned over the last few months, it seems everyone in my training is a little nervous about our upcoming written test followed by a weekend of taking turns teaching our own 60 minute classes. I have a feeling that until this weekend is over and the pressure we’re all feeling about our tests is lifted, only then will I clearly recognize how I am feeling about if I plan to teach or not.

I am happy to say that after practicing my class with some friends, I’m feeling far less intimidated about doing this than I imagined I would. And much more excited about actually teaching on my own.

It’s hard to explain what it feels like to be in the last few days of a wonderfully intense 10 week YTT. What I can say is, I have no doubt that what we learned through this journey and the knowledgable teachers who guided us could not have prepared us more. It is our own minds that tell us to stay where it is comfortable, but it is our hearts encouraging us to take that next step. One step of courage at a time is much bigger than no steps at all.