Life is a series of cycles.  For me, my cycles are like a spinning circle moving upwards, almost like a staircase.   As we move up we experience the magic of life, the loving moments, the connections, the reminders from our angels that we are on the right path.  

Often times, we enter a plateau, a time for the lessons and experiences to really sink in and resonate with us.  This is the time of feeling a calmer energy, and as I’m learning, when the ability to surrender becomes important.  

Throughout our lives, lessons circle back again and again.  If we avoid learning, or continue to behave in a way that creates less than desirable results, these learning opportunities will get louder and more painful every time.  If however, we are open to their lessons, we are blessed with further insight, humility and strength to move forward.  The lesson will likely cycle back in the future, but it will give us a deeper meaning and perspective every time.

Every morning we wake up is an opportunity to live the cycle of our day once again.  We get the opportunity to behave better, wiser, & with more love and compassion, a new opportunity to show up.  We also have free will to be grumpier, or to see ourselves as victims, due to our self-inflicted complacency.  We choose how we experience each cycle.  

Every day that I choose to show up on my mat, I have a new experience.  I learn something new about myself.  I learn something new about yoga.  I have ‘ah-ha’ moments.  I have moments going deeper into a pose than ever before and every time I come to my mat open and willing, I leave with a deeper desire to show up for myself the next time as well.  

It’s all about perspective and willingness.  Sure, yoga, and life can seem like the same thing over and over.  And they can be if that’s how you see it; both are cycles.  You choose how you experience each cycle.  No class is ever the exact same, the way you feel is never the exact same, and what you take away is never the exact same.  It is always a new opportunity to move deeper into awareness and growth.

These cycles can be the same one over and over, or a new one moving deeper and further forward every day.  The choice is yours.  Choose well.  


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