The Cosmic Geometry of Asanas

A lot of people think of yoga as a purely physical practice. It has become a new way of exercising because it builds strength and flexibility, and we always feel better after yoga. It is rare that we regret making it to yoga.

What feels so good is that yoga is a path of awakening and that’s so even when we do it just for fitness. The asanas are shapes that reflect cosmic geometry. The points of contact where palms touch or when hands come to third eye are neural pathways that fire and engage the brain and nervous system. When we bend this way or that, there’s a connection to the meridians and chakras that run throughout our energetic fields. We are integrating our energy system whether we know it or not. We are coming into alignment with cosmic geometry whether we know it or not.

We essentially rewire ourselves each time we practice yoga by joining breath with sacred movement and coming closer to our own divinity. We affirm that in every class, ending with Namaste and the mudra that activates our third eye and right seeing: I see the divine in you. We lie dead and roll over into a fetus to sit back up again. We start again, made new by the practice.

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