Sutra 22 in Book 2 says, ‘We should know nature first.  That is why nature is called the Mother.  Only through the Mother can we know God.  Nobody on this earth has understood who his or her father is without the mother’s help.’  This sutra talks about how the world is our factory.  Our time here is for us to learn, to create and to gain lessons for our soul.  Once we have completed this, we no longer need to be a part of the factory.  

We recognize what we once thought was real ‘…money, name, position, beauty…’  So many people spend their lives chasing after these things, wondering why they are never truly sustainably happy.  Those who recognize that there is more going on here, those who connect to Mother Nature to learn the lessons, leading us to God, let go of the attachments to what is not real.  

During the time of my life when I was very unhappy, I was seeking outside of myself to find my joy.  Which is exactly why I never found it.  The more I tried, the further I was from it.  Being present has changed all of that for me.  

As this sutra says, I was afraid to know what my problems were.  And although I didn’t swallow pills to numb myself, I did use other resources outside of myself.  This worked for a very long time.  I was bound by nature.  My problems didn’t go away by ignoring them, they continued to build and build since there was no responsibility taken, therefore no release.  

This resistance to self awareness is the same resistance I had to getting on my mat at all during this time.  Doing what was good for me, what would help me grow, was the last thing I wanted to do.  If by chance I found enough willingness to make it to a class, it was rare that I pushed myself into new poses, or stayed longer in current ones that I had in the past.  

With all of this, it was the mental stamina, strength and discipline that I was lacking both on and off the mat.  Where I am at now, with a regular practice, feeling daily joy, is a direct reflection of the amount of awareness I have to my thoughts.  It is the discipline I have built and the stamina that helps me trust the process.

This factory we live in is created in a way for us to continue to grow, expand and transform into the best version of ourselves, leading us to enlightenment.  Throughout our journey, we learn about Mother Nature, who leads us to enlightenment, during our experience in this factory.  Discipline, self-awareness, willingness, allowing, these are some of the tools we collect along our way.  They deepen us, expand us, and help guide us through.  


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