Finding your Inner Spirituality by Amy Foran, Teacher in Training

Being raised in a religious home, spirituality was never something I was exposed to. I hate to say that it took me until I was 30 that spirituality was a

Be Here Now by Amy Foran, Teacher in Training

Be Here Now It is official.  I’m throwing in the towel and saying for the first time ever, I no longer want to be the busiest person I know.  Not

The Cycle of Life by Amy Foran, Teacher in Training

Life is a series of cycles.  For me, my cycles are like a spinning circle moving upwards, almost like a staircase.   As we move up we experience the magic

Resistance to Self-Awareness by Amy Foran, Teacher in Training

Sutra 22 in Book 2 says, ‘We should know nature first.  That is why nature is called the Mother.  Only through the Mother can we know God.  Nobody on this

No Matter What

An inside to one of our Teachers in Training, Amy Foran. I remember telling my mentor almost a year ago, ‘if I ever seem to feel a little down, ask

Don’t Hold the Elevator, I’ll Take the Steps

We’ve all seen the beautiful yogis on instagram and the cover of Yoga Journal holding an advanced yoga posture with a relaxed smile on their faces that lets you believe