Being raised in a religious home, spirituality was never something I was exposed to. I hate to say that it took me until I was 30 that spirituality was a part of my life.  However, that is not because of lack of effort.  And as much as I wonder how my life would have been different if I had become more spiritually connected earlier on, I know that it happened when it was suppose to.  

When I lived in Portland a few years back, I was so disconnected and painfully desperate to feel anything that I would go to the only place I thought may bring me closer to God.  Although at the time, I was very unsure if God was real at all after years of devotion without ever feeling connected.  I used up the last bit of hope I had left to bring myself to church.  Unfortunately, this didn’t work either.

It wasn’t until I called LA home and replaced drinking with yoga, that I was able to peel back the layers of disconnect and begin to experience something I had never felt.  I began to feel God.  I’m not talking about the God I learned about in Sunday School, although that may be the one you are connected to, and I think it’s wonderful that you are able to have that experience, it simply wasn’t mine.

I’m talking about the God who feels like there is something bigger than me and anything on this earth.  That feeling that accompanies a magically serendipitous moment.  Some identify with this as the universe, angels, guides, Krishna, Alpha & Omega, Abba, etc.  I believe that he is one and the same, we simply all have different ways of connecting to him.

Whether you have been aware of spirits since you were a child, or you’re still learning what it all means, trust that your experience is what it’s meant to be.  Of course, dedication to anything is the best way to yield results, so if you’re open and in action, get ready, because the magic is just around the corner.


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