A Spiritual Guide to Politics

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I’m working on a project called ‘a spiritual guide to politics’ with many parts: a radio show, workshops, and a book. It comes straight from both my academic background as a global politics professor, and the dedicated spiritual path I’ve been on for several years. I’ve worked on problems of global poverty, war between nations, environmental destruction and human rights violations for a long time. I came to realize that they are the result of a disconnection from each other, from ourselves, and from the earth. The disconnection is a spiritual disconnection. It is a disconnection from something larger than ourselves, something that connects us to each other. It is a disconnection from Life itself, the universal Life of which we are all a part. It is the thing that religions try to connect us to but because they tend to be exclusive about their understanding of God, they can’t quite establish an understanding of something that is universally true about us.

The thing is, the metaphysical principles underlying all religions are the same. There is one God, one Cosmic Life Force, One Life. It is omnipresent, it gives birth to all of creation, its creation is good and born of love. We are each made of cosmic life force. We are each aspects of the universal Life. We are here to express the universal and create from that place in us that is authentic and true. These principles are found in every major religion and many paths, including the yoga sutras. Even in Hinduism that appears to have many deities, each of them is an aspect of the larger universal life force of which there is only one.

If we look at the metaphysics of religions, we find the truth teachings that unite all religions and populations. They are Truth in the absolute sense, meaning that they don’t change depending on context. They don’t change depending on condition. Of course, there are interpretations attached to Truth that depend on context and the interpreters. But the underlying principles remain the same, they are true for all time and all places. They are absolute.

If we all were to actually read the texts of our various religions and get to know the truth teachings for ourselves, we would find those underlying principles and realize that we are here to unite, connect, and celebrate life in all of the ways that it shows up. Just as we are reading the yoga sutras for ourselves in TT and finding the universal principles that unite us all, the same is possible for the Bible, the Qu’ran, the Torah and beyond. In this way, there is a double yoking in yoga: the yoking of body, mind and spirit within the individual who practices yoga; and the yoking of all traditions and teachings of the collective by becoming conscious of the unified field of awareness.

This is why my project is a spiritual guide to politics. It guides us back to our connection with each other, with authentic selves, and with Life itself. From there, we solve every problem we face today. OM, AUM, Amen, Ameen.